Save 48 Percent on DeWalt Impacts and Take Your Mind off the Madness With More Deals

It’s getting crazy out there. You’ll need these to remain calm.

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Friday is finally here, but it's not just any Friday. The next time most of us punch our time cards, we'll be suffering from a touch of jetlag. Daylight saving time is here, and come Sunday we once again lose an hour, except those lucky few U.S. residents in Hawaii and Arizona. (I'm looking at you, editor Kara Snow.) On top of that, some of us on the east coast are in for one of those lingering winter storms that'll remind us just how far off springtime really is. Hurray. Anyway, this is the deals segment. I'm not getting paid to remind you of the pain you're in for. My job is to highlight some killer sales that just might counter the buckets of nonsense life throws your way. 

EverStart Maxx 800 Peak Amp Camo Jump Starter with 120-psi Compressor, Pivoting LED Light, Three USB Ports, Walmart

The first item is something everyone should have in their car. Even if you pay a monthly fee for roadside assistance, the EverStart Maxx 800 Peak Amp Camo Jump-Starter with 120-psi Compressor, Pivoting LED Light, and Three USB Ports is something you'll appreciate keeping around. Right now, you can grab it for just $45.00 at Walmart. It's not the compact jump-starters we're accustomed to these days, but it's got more than enough juice to jump most cars, fill the tires in a bind, and charge your phone. You might already have something similar, but it can make a killer gift for Junior during his visit home for spring break. 

Vantop HF609T Dual 1080P Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam HF609T, Best Buy

Speaking of Junior, he was so persistent in buying that old truck that's just a bit too big. You're cringing at the idea of everything he's going to back over and into during his stay. Grab the Vantop HF609T Dual 1080P Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam HF609T for $69.99 at Best Buy with its rearview camera feature. Just pop it in, run a few wires, and your birdbath is safe. And because it's a dash cam, you don't have to worry about the he-said-she-said business if they wind up in a fender bender. 

Werner 22-Foot Reach Aluminum 5-in-1 Multiposition Pro Ladder with Powerlite Rails 375-Pound Load Capacity , Home Depot

Maybe it's time to start kicking projects around your home into high gear. If that's the case, you can certainly get some use out of the Home Depot's sale offering Up to $50 off Select Ladders and Step Stools. Whether you're cleaning the gutters, dusting the ceiling fans, finally taking down Christmas lights, or giving the garage a deep cleaning, you can use a ladder or step stool. That 20-footer won't cut it for every situation, so you should stop by and see what's up for grabs. 

Ridgid 10-Inch Pro Jobsite Table Saw with Stand, Home Depot

As you start cleaning up, you might remember all those crafting and renovation projects you've been putting off. Why not tackle them now? Rumor has it that giant spiders are going to start falling from the sky on the east coast this spring, so you should really make your indoor space as enjoyable as possible. It just so happens that you can snag the Ridgid 10-Inch Pro Jobsite Table Saw with Stand for $549.00 at Home Depot. The portability of this rig makes it perfect for those who would rather not haul lumber to and from the workshop every time they need to make a quick cut. 

DeWalt 20V Max XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, Three-Speed, Quarter-Inch, 2.0-Ah and Half-Inch Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil, Amazon

The last deal I think most of us will get a little giddy over is on the DeWalt 20V Max XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, Three-Speed, Quarter-Inch, 2.0-Ah and Half-Inch Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil that you can snag for $209.99 at Amazon. That's 48 percent off the regular asking price, basically bringing down the cost of two impact wrenches to what you'd pay for one. That includes the batteries, a charger, and a carrying case. Also, that 400 pound-feet of breakaway torque on the big boy in this kit  goes to show you're not getting slouchy tools for the money. 

There are plenty more deals you won't want to miss. Check out this list for more ways to save. 


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