Buy This Toyota Hiace Ambulance With a V8, Full-Time 4WD for $34,995

This is one tremendous wee-woo wagon.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Jan 28, 2022 8:57 AM
Buy This Toyota Hiace Ambulance With a V8, Full-Time 4WD for $34,995

There are plenty of reasons to love the Toyota Hiace. Aside from its looks and extreme utility, it just has a certain "it" factor that draws in fans of JDM vans. Call it import fever if you want, but the fourth generation Hiace is one of the more brilliant to have existed in its heyday.

It doesn't seem like it could get any cooler until you learn that Toyota actually made a V8-powered version for first responders called the HiMedic. Better yet, you can buy one right now.

Procured by Ottoex Adventure Vehicles in Portland, Oregon is one of the 1,500 first-gen HiMedics handbuilt by Toyota's Technocraft division at Yokohama, meaning that this particular unit was built prior to production moving to Gifu Auto Body.

What started off life as a regular fourth-gen Hiace was molded into a high-top emergency vehicle, ditching the standard assortment of engine configurations for something a bit more exciting: Toyota's 260-horsepower 1UZFE V8. As a point of reference, that's the same engine that was offered in Lexus' luxury LS 400 sedan, GS 400 executive car, and sporty SC 400 grand tourer.

But what makes Ottoex's offering so special versus any other imported HiMedic that its employees know of is its full-time four-wheel-drive fed through its four-speed automatic gearbox. Ottoex claims it's the only HiMedic of its kind imported into the United States, and it only has 61,000 miles.

Inside, the HiMedic is right-hand drive. It features a super rad digital cluster, power locks, power windows, a microphone, and a switch to control the ambulance's electronic suspension with sport mode (because who wouldn't want their ambulance ride to be hit that apex just right).

The vehicle is equipped with a working sink, built-in trash can, standard US-spec outlets, and even oxygen lines. Honestly, this would probably make an awesome start for an overlanding build if you can handle scratching and scraping a vehicle this unique.

Ottoex is also including a bunch of accessories with the HiMedic to make it feel like you're trapped in the '90s, driving around a period-correct ambulance. The original lights and siren are still operational, plus a bunch of medical equipment is already staged in the rear of the vehicle. There's also some extra trash bags, documentation, and even a stretcher in case you really want to LARP around your local car meet.

Originally, Toyota reportedly sold the HiMedic for around $240,000, and it could only be purchased by agencies using it for medical or emergency purposes. Today, this pristine example can be had for around $34,995—which still isn't cheap, but where else are you going to find one?

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