Celebrate National Donut Day With These Epic Donut Videos

Whether made of dough or rubber, donuts are always a treat.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Jun 3, 2016 8:08 PM
Celebrate National Donut Day With These Epic Donut Videos

Whether you're talking about the frosted, jelly-filled kind or the type that involves large amounts of tire screeching and burning rubber, donuts are a gift sent from Heaven just to make people smile. Granted, they may only share a basic toroidal shape, but there's no disputing that both the automotive and pastry varieties bring joy to those in their presence.

So while National Donut Day—which is today, in case you're just waking up and haven't checked any other websites today—may have been created as a salute to the doughy treats, there's no reason why we can't also take this day to celebrate the smoky, rubbery variety of donut preferred by millions of gearheads who lack a sweet tooth.

Obvious disclaimer: If you're going to take your car out for some rotational fun—which, again, our lawyers have reminded us we should not recommend you do—make sure to do it on private property, and please be certain to make sure no one will be harmed in the donut-making process.

Or maybe just sit back and watch our hand-crafted selection of super-entertaining videos, instead.