The New LEGO Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Is Ready to Conquer Your Living Room Furniture

Hell’s Revenge is nothing compared to a worn-out La-Z-Boy.

byPeter Holderith| UPDATED Dec 3, 2020 2:54 PM
The New LEGO Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Is Ready to Conquer Your Living Room Furniture

LEGO makes a number of different cars in its Technic series of kits, with iconic vehicles like the Bugatti Chiron,

Land Rover Defender, and Fiat 500 all being immortalized in the brand's plastic bricks. Now, the most popular enthusiast vehicle in the U.S. is finally getting it's due. The Jeep Wrangler has been made into a LEGO kit, and it's not just a tiny-wheeled base model, either—it's the Rubicon. Complete with chunky all-terrain tires, teeny little lights on the roof, and a winch to drag itself out of the space between the couch cushions, this little Jeep means business.

There are a few details that real serious Jeep fans might be a bit offended by though. For instance, the windshield doesn't fold down, the grille is made up of stickers, and the side mirrors are *gasp* not mounted to the doors! The model is also smaller than the Land Rover Defender made by LEGO, consisting of 665 pieces as opposed to the Defender's 2,573. All of that being said, it still looks pretty sweet.

The model has folding rear seats, functional steering, and even a working suspension system complete with solid axles front and rear. Yellow is the only color option, though it looks pretty sharp with black fenders and accents. There's also no option for an angry grille yet, so if you bought the "Local Strip Mall" LEGO set, you'll have to wait until the Danish toy brand branches into the aftermarket parts scene.

The kit will be available just in time for Christmas on Jan. 1—good timing there—and it will cost $50, which is certainly reasonable when compared to kits like the Land Rover Defender or Bugatti Chiron, which retail for $200 and $350, respectively. 

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