Heavy Metal Band Dedicates Itself to Elon Musk

Hear the group’s new single, “Elon: Champion for Humanity.”

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED May 1, 2016 8:36 PM
Heavy Metal Band Dedicates Itself to Elon Musk

Giovanni Verga. Alan Turing. Jacob Rodney Cohen. Brilliant minds that never got their due, doomed to be forgotten. For the last decade, a man named Elon Musk has been at risk of joining their ranks, struggling to gain mainstream recognition for his work in the field of electric cars and rocketships. Thankfully, for the sake of posterity, Raptor Command is here to ensure the 44-year old doesn’t die toiling away in obscurity.

The five-piece metal group, formed last year, bills itself as "a heavy metal tribute to Elon Musk.” Following in the footsteps of acts like Hammerfall and Iron Savior, the band’s style consists, according to its official website, of “blistering guitar solos, mind bending keyboard sequences, stratospheric vocals and drums that the NRO would mistake for weapons of mass destruction.” Now, Raptor Command has released its debut single, “Elon: Champion for Humanity.” It’s available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Over a nailbomb of power metal riffs and pounding rhythm section, lead vocalist Ty Christian, he of Lords of the Trident fame, sings:

Racing to the future, he puts the pedal down.

One hundred thousand watts, at his command.

Rocketing to the stars, on to mars we fly.

Heed his call, before the planet dies.

Then, later:

Breaking the rules, he follows his path.

Visions of the future, now within his grasp.

Harnessing the power, the power of the sun.

Energy and freedom for everyone.

No word yet on when Raptor Command will release its first full album, or if the band plans on touring the arena circuit. But, if this EP is any indication, one thing’s for sure: The world will soon be unable to continue turning a blind eye to Musk and his impressive body of work.