Formula E’s Frozen 2 Parody Is the Cutest Mashup You’ll See All Week

What Elsa would you expect?

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Nov 24, 2019 1:00 PM
Formula E’s Frozen 2 Parody Is the Cutest Mashup You’ll See All Week

Formula E isn't above a bit of silliness, especially when there's an opportunity to pair up with Disney amidst the release of a blockbuster like Frozen 2. The racing series' production team whipped up a comical edit that mixed in fan favorites like Olaf and Sven from the animated film with all-electric, open-wheel race cars ahead of this weekend's Saudi E-Prix outside Riyadh, and if anything, now we just want to watch a full race with talking snowmen and reindeer on-track.

Clips were taken from last season's Saudi E-Prix, which was plagued by massive downpours that made the cars nearly impossible to control. Thanks to that and a little bit of Hollywood magic, they were able to make it look as if sliding racers were actually being hauled around like Santa, trusty steed leading the way while swinging wide around each corner.

Tragically, several snowmen had to give their life for this one-minute video; that said, if Olaf is still a fan of days at the beach even after his rough luck with the sun, we imagine everyone will be alright here.

Probably the best incorporation of post-production add-ins is Marshmallow, a close relative to the abominable snowman, who scares a handful of cars into a crash around a tight corner. Oh, and we're also fans of the snowplow that was fitted to the front of Oliver Rowland's No. 22 Nissan E.Dams entry.

Sam Bird of Envision Virgin Racing took home his ninth career Formula E victory at Saturday's E-Prix, which also marked the series debut of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Highlights of the season-opener can be found on FE's YouTube channel but, if you need us, we'll be rewatching this Frozen clips a few dozen more times.