Aston Martin and Enterprise Are Offering One Hell of a Deal

Making it easier than ever to hop into a DB9 or a Rapide S.

byWill Sabel Courtney| PUBLISHED Apr 7, 2016 3:57 PM
Aston Martin and Enterprise Are Offering One Hell of a Deal

Starting more or less immediately, Aston Martin and Enterprise Rent-A-Car are teaming up to offer rentals of the DB9 and the Rapide S in 11 different parts of the country. Consider it good news for anyone who needs to show up their high school ex at their upcoming reunion...assuming their reunion lies somewhere in the Sunbelt.

The Aston Martins are the latest addition to Enterprise's Exotic Car Collection, the rental car company's select batch of bougie vehicles available in many major markets around the country. The DB9 coupe and convertible and the Rapide S join a wide collection of cars that stretches from the exciting—you can pick up a Ferrari California or an Audi R8 Spyder for a few days of high-speed fun—to the mundane. Seriously, Enterprise, a BMW 528i is not an exotic.

Not every Enterprise with exotics will have the sleek British sports cars on offer, however. The cars are largely concentrated in warm-weather locations, where they won't be subjected to the merciless assault of briny road slime and frost heave-sourced pot holes. For now, the cars will only be available in Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco, Naples (Florida, not Italy), Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Vegas and the greater southern California megalopolis. The deal means that Enterprise now offers the largest collection of rental Aston Martins in the United States...which, admittedly, doesn't strike us as a particularly high bar to clear.

Enterprise will offer Aston Martin renters their quote-unquote "white glove treatment," which includes handy little conveniences like the ability to have the car dropped off or picked up for you if you're fairly close to their location. No word yet on whether Enterprise will deliver your Aston Martin wrapped up in brown construction paper, the way they used to.