Porsche to Reveal Next 911 via Live Stream Before 2018 LA Auto Show

The eighth generation of Porsche’s iconic sports car comes Tuesday at 11 p.m. EST.

byJames Gilboy|
Porsche to Reveal Next 911 via Live Stream Before 2018 LA Auto Show

Porsche announced Friday that it plans to reveal its next iteration of the iconic 911 sports car on a live stream to be held Tuesday, Nov. 27.

The reveal event will be streamed on Porsche's newsTV site, and take place in Carson, California on the evening prior to the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. It starts at 8 p.m. local time, 11 p.m. EST, or 5 a.m. in central Europe.


Porsche has already published extensive documentation of testing the next 911, believed to be dubbed the 992-generation. Photos exist of 992 test mules in every imaginable environment, from urban centers to snowdrifts, racetracks, and deserts. One of the 911's main appeals has always been its ability to perform well in every situation its driver finds themselves, so the ability to thrive in every climate is crucial for the 911. Additionally, Porsche intends to accommodate far-flung customers by making the 992 friendly to fuels of widely-varying quality, from the grade A distillate flowing from the pumps at Costco to the leaded sludge oozing from filling stations in Havana.

"In addition to its outstanding performance, it’s the 911's suitability for daily use that has always put it in a class of its own," stated Andreas Pröbstle, project manager for the 911. "That's why we test the vehicle under all conditions, and in every type of weather and region. The vehicles' drivetrain must function as flawlessly as its fluids, systems, operating processes and displays—it's the only way we can be certain that the vehicle is able to travel through all regions of the world without faults."

Little is certain of the 992's specifications, save for the possibility of hybrid power, as admitted by 911 lead engineer August Achleitner in February. It is known that the 911 will never go exclusively electric and that the model will always boast the option of a gas-fired flat-six engine, though reports say that the 992 GT3's take on the formula may no longer be naturally-aspirated. Reportedly, we're to expect a turbocharged 911 GT3 when the next iteration of the model arrives—all we can do on that front is await confirmation.