Watch This Ferrari FXX K Lap Road Atlanta for 13 Minutes

I mean, what else were you planning to do with rest of your FXXKing lunch break?

byChris Tsui|

Look, Thursdays are rough. The weekend looks so close when you peer at the calendar yet feels so far away. Instead of spending the next little while contemplating whether or not to call in "sick" tomorrow, plug in your headphones and take a temporary journey to a racetrack far, far away. 

Uploaded by Speedracer38, here we have 13 uninterrupted minutes of a 1,036-horsepower Ferrari FXX K making its way around Road Atlanta as part of last week's Corse Clienti event. It's essentially a Ferrari owners-only track day in which the brand's most exclusive and extreme machines come out to play before their owners retreat to the paddock to sip champagne laced with the tears of poor people. With 7 Ferrari F1 cars and "a handful" of $3 million FXX Ks in attendance, the 24 Hours of LeMons this is not. 

The cheekily-named Ferrari FXX K is basically a race-prepped version of the brand's already-extreme LaFerrari hybrid hypercar. With just 40 examples ever produced, it truly is a unicorn among stallions. 

Take a break from the expense reports and office politics. Carry your laptop to the corner of the break room if you have to and sample this 13-minute slice of motoring heaven. I mean, what else were you planning to do with the rest of your lunch break?