Dozens of Pigs Released Onto Texas Highway After Crash

Sometimes you go into work to save lives…and end up chasing pigs.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Jun 29, 2017 6:31 PM
Dozens of Pigs Released Onto Texas Highway After Crash

A truck accident can be a huge hassle for emergency personnel and road workers when an extensive amount of debris is involved. For example, when a Pepsi truck decides to take a tumble, thousands of sticky liquid-filled cans spray across the roadway, making a complete mess. The only real benefit is the Pepsi is not a living thing—thus it does not try to walk (or run) away.

Unfortunately, a recent tractor-trailer accident in Wilmer, Texas on Interstate 45 was a different story. Around 6:30am on Thursday, a tractor-trailer came in contact with the median, rolling over and releasing dozens of pigs onto the highway. The agitated animals ran up to four miles away from the accident scene, and snarled up traffic for hours. Emergency personnel were forced to take on the role of herders to ensure as many of the pigs could be recovered as possible. 

Police stated traffic was closed in both directions as wrangling up a ton of pigs proved more difficult than anticipated. On the bright side: Later that day, a linen truck rolled over, spilling blankets all over I-45.

(I immediately regret making that joke.)