How to Get a 10 Percent Discount on a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevy is back at it again with the cheap ‘Vettes.

byChris Tsui|
How to Get a 10 Percent Discount on a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette

A month after offering a deal that effectively gave Corvette buyers the $8,000 Z07 package for free, Chevrolet is again giving more financial incentive for people still on the fence about buying what Richard Hammond once called "the best sports car ever to come out of America." Reported by Corvette Blogger, this month's Chevrolet rebates and offers apparently includes 10% off "select" 2017 Corvettes. Perusing the offers on tap at Kerbeck Corvette, discounted cars range from the 1LT Stingray all the way to a 3LT "Collector's Edition" Grand Sport. As a highlight, this brand new, manual 1LT Stingray Coupe can be had for just $47,517. From Corvette Blogger:

The way this incentive program works is that Chevrolet will offer each dealer a limited number of Bonus Tags. Under this program, the dealer sells the car at the Supplier Price and then there is a rebate that would take the price down by 10% off that MSRP. Supplier Pricing falls between Employee and regular Retail pricing.

Keith Cornett, Corvette Blogger

America's Sports Car has always punched above its tax bracket in the performance department, solidifying its reputation as a go-fast bargain—sort of like an American Nissan GT-R, if the GT-R was still reasonably priced. With the latest rebates, now may just be the time to pull the trigger on that sweet, new 'Vette. Or, you can cross your fingers for even deeper discounts next month.