Meet Red Bull’s “Armored Moon Vehicle” Land Rover Defender

Rebodied 4×4 party rig bring the silly.

byMax Prince|
Land Rover News photo

Maybe you’ve noticed a distinct lack of crazy lately? An absence of automotive absurdity? That’s because Red Bull has been hoarding all the loco to create its new event truck. The company calls this an “armored moon vehicle.” Yeah, that seems about right.

The chassis is a Land Rover Defender 130, a Brit 4x4 originally developed for heavy-duty utility and military use. So the thing’s a beast. Red Bull promises a detailed breakdown of the build, plus final specs, are coming soon. For now, the company is only allowing that this rig has enough AV kit to “run a warehouse party.”

Desmond Louw / Mobile Media Mob

Given the absurdity of Red Bull’s last Defender event truck, we’ve got big expectations for this iteration. In the meantime, just revel in the new truck’s design, this matte black Aventador-cum-Dakar war machine. We dig it.