Volkswagen Planning to Bring T-Roc Compact Crossover to America

Details are still fuzzy regarding production locations, but VW states it will sell a compact crossover slated below the Tiguan in the U.S.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Mar 20, 2017 1:19 PM
Volkswagen Planning to Bring T-Roc Compact Crossover to America

Before deciding to bring the VW T-Roc compact crossover to the U.S., Volkswagen reached out to the 650 VW dealers currently in the U.S. to see if they felt the vehicle would be profitable in the American market. The majority of the dealers agreed they could sell enough of the T-Roc to make it a profitable endeavor here, so VW has decided to bring the vehicle to North America.

The T-Roc will be slotted below the VW Tiguan and sales in North and South America were confirmed by VW brand chief Herbert Diess to Automotive News. However, it is still unclear where the vehicle will be made. The compact crossover could be produced in the brand’s Chattanooga plant, a plant in Mexico, or even in Germany. (Though it remains to be seen how Donald Trump's threats of an import tariff could affect that.)

The vehicle also may take on a different name before coming to the States, but The Drive will have to keep you posted on that. 

Engine specifications also remain unclear at this time, but we are sure more information will come in the near future as VW plans to launch the vehicle in Europe this August.