The 8 Least Politically Correct New Cars

The moral order is highly overrated.

There’s a backlash brewing against political correctness. You see it on television and Twitter, in Donald Trump’s inexplicable poll results. And yet, all too often, these same Americans decrying political correctness go out and buy inoffensive automobiles. Why? The car you choose says an awful lot about you. Anything less than full renegade is a wasted opportunity.

Jonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty

So we offer this, two handfuls of the least politically correct new cars in America. Coming from The Drive, there is no higher compliment.

Because nothing says “jerkoff” like a V-12 Lamborghini—pillbox sightlines, a seating position only Romanian gymnasts could find comfortable, the reliability of a stoned Time Warner Cable serviceman. (See: Donald Trump’s Diablo VT, currently for sale). The Aventador may have exorcised some of those demons, but this is one stereotype it still can’t shake.Ian Gavan/Getty Images
It’s a 707-horsepower celebration of destruction. At full duty-cycle, the fuel injectors can fill a pint glass in six seconds. The Hellcat probably does more atmospheric damage than every chili-eating contest in history. But even if it didn’t pack enough power to propel the U.S.S. Missouri, the Challenger would still be a giant two-door muscle car. Which means burnouts. Lots and lots of burnouts.
A pickup that’s tall as Kobe Bryant, weighs north of three tons, extends nearly 20 feet and has a golden badge the size of a football. Add two more wheels onto the rear axle, and you’ve got a truck that’s not only offensively tall, heavy and long, but offensively wide, too. Like, take-up-two-parking-spots-and-give-zero-shits-about-it wide.
There are plenty of sports cars with phallic hoods, potent engines and six-figure price tags. So what earns the F-Type R a place on this list? Simply put…that noise. That raw, V-8 thrash-metal, and all the swoon and head-shaking that follows in its wake.
It’s a heavy, boxy off-roader with military origins. It packs a 621-horsepower, 738 lb-ft twin-turbo V-12 that gets maybe, maybe, 12 mpg. On the highway. With a tailwind. Going downhill. At low tide. Plus, it’s built by the world’s foremost luxury brand and costs $220k. Call it the D-Bagen.
Consider the following: During his senatorial days, Barack Obama drove a 300C. When the media criticized him for talking about fuel economy while pedaling a 5.7-liter Hemi, he ditched the Chrysler for a hybrid. And then was elected President of the United States. If the electorate finds it unpalatable, it’s a winner.
The Z07 package? That adds NASCAR-esque aero, ridiculous tires and squealing carbon-ceramics. And the Z06 ’vert is a shouty package to begin. Factor one of the loudest colors this side of the Vegas Strip, and this thing’s sure to ruffle a few feathers.
The only car on sale with a model name that’s slang for, er, loosening the knot.