The Evening Rush for March 21, 2016

Your nightly cull of automotive, gear and lifestyle news, all in one place.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Mar 21, 2016 9:59 PM
The Evening Rush for March 21, 2016

The Evening Rush is your daily roundup of auto, gear, and lifestyle news, all in one place. Less time searching, more time driving. Motor on.


Volkswagen plans on bringing the 2017 Golf Alltrack to the New York Auto Show. The Sportwagen variant will receive a one-inch lift, new front bumper, and more aggressive body paneling. The Alltrack should utilize the same 1.8-liter turbocharged inline-four as the current Golf Sportwagen.

If you weren’t satisfied with the wondrous Camaro ZL1, Callaway has the answer: Here's the SC740, a Hellcat-shredding tuner Camaro with a 2.3-liter blower. Output? A stout 740 horsepower.

The Jeep Wrangler is a cult hero, and it sells like mad. With that in mind, Fiat-Chrysler has decided to sell the old body style alongside the new 2018 model for the first six months. The old model will most likely be coined the “Wrangler Classic.”


Nobody likes to spend their day cleaning, especially when it's nice outside and you could be cruising instead. Fortunately, Braava Jet has designed a robotic mopping system that carefully navigates around your house to ensure your floors are always clean. Spill away folks, spill away.

Braava Jet

Remember pretending to be a fighter pilot on your bicycle? Now you can get one step closer to reality with Everysight. These intelligent glasses track your workout performance, heart rate, speed, etc and displays it all on the glass’s lens.


Today’s beer pick takes us to Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside, New York. Founded in 2009, then severely damaged in three years later during Hurricane Sandy, Barrier represents the strength of New York and its ability to overcome adversity. Churning out heady beers and good vibes, this is one brewery you need to visit.

A good pair of board shorts are essential to a successful summer. Clear Creek makes a pair of 8-inch trunks, which dry extra quick thanks to a polyester and spandex blend. Good memories, guys, not rashes.

Clear Creek