Who’s That Lady: 2019 Range Rover SV Coupe Unveiled

This 557 horsepower luxo-barge is all you need for $295,000.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Mar 6, 2018 2:10 PM
Who’s That Lady: 2019 Range Rover SV Coupe Unveiled

Jaguar Land Rover's design teams have been having a heyday in this second half of the 2010s. The crews headed by the likes of Ian Callum and Gerry McGovern have cracked their knuckles and dug in, making slow cars look fast and massaging practical utes beyond recognition in a tasteful way that only it could. Luckily, with the Range Rover SV Coupe, they didn't have to worry about disguising many negative traits. A return to classic form and a supercharged V8 will help that, after all. 

While it was teased in January, JLR fully revealed the two-door double-R at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday. Most notable is the design, as it picks up where the greatest Range Rovers of old left off, albeit with the 21st-century tweaks that we covet in the current model. By lifting the two rear doors and complementing the refreshed lines with a shorter overall look, the brand says that it has recollected its pedigree with the SV Coupe. According to a company press release, every body panel except for the hood and lower tailgate is new, showcasing the brand's commitment to the fresh pseudo-subtle model.

Jaguar Land Rover

“The Range Rover SV Coupe is a celebration of the Range Rover bloodline,” said Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer of Land Rover. “With a dramatic two-door silhouette, this breath-taking four-seat Coupe alludes to its unique heritage while being thoroughly modern and contemporary. Beautifully realized and superbly engineered, the Range Rover SV Coupe delivers the most distinguished, luxurious and exclusive Range Rover ever built.”

The nostalgic layout has been modernized with go-fast bits that make this the fastest Range ever, tying together the design cues from yesteryear with contemporary performance. JLR's Special Vehicle Operations division is to thank for this as it is responsible for engine tuning on every car of the limited 999 example run. The ever-potent 5.0-liter V8 can be found lying underneath the hood, supercharged and ready to rock with 557 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. That twist is sent through an eight-speed automatic gearbox and eventually makes its way to all four wheels, promoting rapid-fire acceleration and clocking zero to 60 miles per hour in five seconds flat.

The driver and passengers alike can enjoy this performance from the supremely spec'd cabin that we've come to expect in a Range Rover. Buyers have the option to select from four unique two-tone interior schemes that will complement the usual Range Rover goodies including top-notch materials and comfort-focused tech. The interior now features two-row seating with four ultra-lux chairs in total, leaving behind the rear bench in favor of aesthetics and comfort. This is an area where every version of the model shines, so don't expect anything less in the low-number SV Coupe.

Each example will be hand-assembled at the SVO Technical Center in the U.K., a first for Range Rover. There, the exclusive model will be inspected and prepared for deliveries to the highest bidders. And while the buying process doesn't actually include a highfalutin auction, customers really are dishing out massive amounts of cash to get their hands on the SV Coupe. Entry-level pricing, or so it's called, starts at $295K, putting this at the top of the mountain in terms of price and rarity for modern-day JLR SUVs. 

Jaguar Land Rover

Deliveries will arrive in the States sometime in late 2018.