Did You Know Jack Stands Have a Shaft Stopper?


byJonathon Klein|
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OK, so I've been using jack stands for the last 20 years of my life. And I've used them for every type of maintenance or performance modification you can think of. They're incredibly integral pieces of my garage loadout. Even when I was renting a place that just had a parking garage, I still had jack stands.

So when I tell you I let out the most exasperated sigh known to man, as well as a few expletives, after coming across an Instagram Reel from @whatnooowaaay, I want you to feel it in your soul. Because, apparently, after 20-plus years of using these tools, I didn't know that my one complaint was actually solvable from the manufacturer had I just read the directions.

Did you all know that jack stands have a shaft detent that stops the shaft from pulling all the way out of the base? Cause I sure didn't.

One of the most annoying things about jack stands is that the shaft doesn't stay put. If you grab it by the head or neck, it'll just pull all the way out and the base will fall to the ground. Or slam into your toes. But that's not supposed to happen. Well, it's not if you're smart enough to actually read the directions to what seems like a very simple tool...

What you're supposed to do after you've assembled the jack stand, i.e. inserting the shaft into the base, is to take a hammer and metal punch or screwdriver, and knock the tab in along the base's neck. This shaft detent stops it from pulling all the way out and, wouldn't you know, is actually there.

I found this out one night after mindlessly scrolling. I was so taken aback that I walked out into my garage in my briefs, picked up one of my jack stands, and sighed for a minute straight. I've since knocked in the detent and, wouldn't you know, it freakin' works. Never again will I curse dropping the base onto the garage floor.

I can't believe I've gone this long without knowing this. But I hope my obliviousness has helped you assemble your jack stands properly or at least given you a good laugh at The Drive's chief numbskull.

I still can't believe it.