Start Your Wrenching Career With Deals on Home Mechanic Sets

Whether you’re ready to start your own oil changes or a whole engine rebuild, we’ve found discounted mechanic tool kits for you.

byJames Gilboy|
mechanics tool sets currently discounted at home depot and amazon

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Almost no mechanic starts with a whole shop at their disposal. Most of us begin with as complete a tool set as we can afford, with ratchets, sockets, and maybe some bells and whistles too. Now that project cars are coming out of storage for Spring, you might be inspired to start one of your own—with the help of a mechanic's tool set currently on sale at Home Depot or Amazon.

No matter the scope of your ambitions, we've found discounted tool kits that'll suit your needs. That may be as simple as starting your own oil changes or trying to service your own brakes. Or heck, even rebuilding an engine if you're ready to dive in headlong. Just expect to have to pick up more tools as you go.

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