Get It Right With These Strong Torque Wrench Deals on Amazon

A new torque wrench is never a bad investment, and now you can upgrade this critical tool on the cheap.

byHank O'Hop|
Torque Wrench Deals at Amazon


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If you're even remotely serious about working on cars, you either have or will soon need a torque wrench in your tool collection. Those of you who are fanatical about getting greasy will need a couple. At the very least, they're used for snugging lug nuts, and you simply can't build an engine, differential or transmission, or do any kind of advanced work without at least a few on hand. 

The only reason anyone's reluctant to buy one is because torque wrenches can get pretty expensive. But there's good reason to pony up here—they're precision instruments used to ensure critical hardware is set to spec. For example, the Craftsman 1/2-inch torque wrench I reviewed a couple of years ago has held up perfectly to prove its worth at its $100+ full price.

But you're in luck, because that same wrench is now marked down to $64.98 on Amazon—along with a number of other top picks I've rounded up for you.