Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator Is Ready for Your Toughest Inflations

Time to get pumped up with the Energizer.

byChristopher Tracy| PUBLISHED Jun 22, 2021 7:00 AM
Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator Is Ready for Your Toughest Inflations

While most automotive enthusiasts utilize their tire inflators for, well, tires, I have a lot more stuff that needs to be inflated. My four kids have bicycles, tricycles, scooters, strollers, and sports balls of all shapes and sizes that all require air. That’s not where our inflator necessities end, however. 

We also have two large SUVs to cart around our gaggle of children, the tires of which are not small. Over the years, we have tried out numerous air compressors of countless makes and models. Our favorite has been one with pounds-per-square-inch (or psi) presets and also includes a vacuum option.  

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When it came time to test products, Energizer’s Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator seemed like a worthy addition to anyone’s garage. How would it hold up, however, to my demanding children, their demanding toys, and the demands of our cars? We demand to find out!

Unboxing the Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator

The box for the Energizer tire inflator was easy to open as there was no tape or adhesive holding it closed. A cardboard tab was all that stood in the way of the box going from closed to open. Included in the box is a carrying bag, operating guide, and a small plastic bag containing the four attachments for the end of the air hose.

I was struck at first by how light the compressor was. The entire unit weighs just 4.3 pounds. On the small side but not flimsy, the compressor is 8.0 inches long by 4.0 inches wide by 6.0 inches tall. The size and weight make the $29.99 price tag seem a little low. 

The Energizer in its storage bag. , Christopher Tracy

Both the power cord and the air hose are wrapped around the unit. The air hose has brackets that secure it to the body of the compressor, and the power cord also wraps around the unit before the 12-volt plug slots into one of the legs. Surrounded by the cords is an LED light. It operates as a flashlight or as a flashing light that can be pointed at traffic to signal oncoming cars. Once the compressor is placed on the ground, the rubber feet cushion the compressor’s weight, so there is no noise on contact.

Getting After It With Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator

  • Good: The air compressor was reasonably quiet while operating.
  • Bad: The rubber feet started to fall off immediately.
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The first use caused a bit of a stir. I used the compressor to pump up the stroller tires, and it happened so quickly I assumed the thing was broken. The compressor took the 5.5-psi tire to 11.5 psi in three cycles of about two seconds and shut off. The air pressure held, and those stroller tires were pumped. 

Moving on to the SUV wheels, the Energizer quickly corrected a 5.0-psi deficiency in each wheel. The information on the box says it inflates a standard tire (195/65R-15) in less than two minutes. Given that all of our tires are large, we did not meet that sub-two-minute time. It inflated tires faster than our older compressors and our beloved Slime 2-in-1 compressor/vacuum. This compressor plugs into any 12-volt outlet in your vehicle, and the cord is long enough (13 feet) to reach from the center console to the rear tire on a Suburban. The rear-tire inflation process is easier if you utilize the 12-volt outlet in the trunk, though, and maximum psi is pegged at 120.

Inflating all eight SUV tires took about 10 minutes.

The Energizer's digital display., Christopher Tracy

What’s Good About the Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator

The compressor works. The digital display glows blue and is easy to read. The arrows allow you to move the preset psi up and down, and the compressor deactivates when the desired air pressure is reached. Rubber feet cushion the pump and help to cut down on vibration and noises.

The air hose is flexible enough to connect to hard-to-reach valve stems, such as those on stroller wheels. It dominated our sports balls. Everything is full currently, and I would welcome the need to reinflate them all again, especially since the ball adapter is securely inside the carrying bag where my kids can’t get to it. 

When it is time to put it away, everything fits into the carrying bag. There is no pulling, stretching, or squishing to get everything in. Unlike your suitcase when heading out on vacation, the inflator zips right in. Its small size allows it to fit under the cargo panel in the back of our Suburban, making the compressor just disappear.

Those damn rubber feet. , Christopher Tracy

What’s Not Great About the Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator

Those glorious rubber feet that insulate the compressor from the ground and cut down the sound and vibration also like to fall off if you drag the inflator across the smooth garage floor. They remained on longer when the surface was gravel, but they eventually still fell off.

While the air hose fits neatly into the brackets at the end of each usage, the power cord has to be wrapped in the correct direction for the 12V plug to fit neatly into its leg-storage position. This causes you to wrap the power cord at least twice while putting the compressor away.

Our Verdict On Energizer Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator

I am quite happy with this little compressor. Not only does its small size allow it to be stored easily, but it inflates faster than our larger compressors have in the past. Turns out that Moore’s law affects more than just PCs. There is definitely a tiny computer inside this compressor, and it’s great. I’ll just use some extra-strength glue on those little rubber feet to help them stay in place.

There is only one other compressor available on Amazon at the time of writing that is cheaper than the Energizer unit by five cents. This little compressor feels like money well spent.

FAQs About Energizer Air Compressor Tire Inflator

You’ve got questions, The Drive has answers.

Q. What size air compressor do you need to inflate car tires?

A. Most passenger vehicles have their tire pressures set to 32-37 psi. A compressor that works at 1 or 2 cubic foot per minute (cfm) can achieve those pressures. The Energizer compressor is 1.4 cfm. 

Q. Does the Energizer Air Compressor Tire Inflator have a red safety light?

A. No, the Energizer compressor has a white LED light. It can be used a static light or switched to create a flashing white light.

Q. Can the Energizer Air Compressor Tire Inflator inflate two items at once?

A. Not without an adaptor. No adaptor like that comes in the box with the tire inflator.

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