The Twofer: Satin-Lined Italian Coat and Maserati Biturbo

Sometimes, it actually is what’s inside that counts.

Mr. Porter

Of all the platitudes tossed at kindergarteners, the phrase “it’s what’s inside that counts” is among the more meaningful. Kindergarteners don’t realize this, of course, because kindergarteners are shallow. Fickle Lindsay has sparkly cats-eye glasses? Worship her like a queen. Tommy’s uncle plays minor league baseball? He will get the best crayons, despite his mean-spirited pranks. Wanda got her hair braided on the beach in Turks and Caicos? She is worth more than other humans. It’s only later that we realize the importance of the interior.

While this Dolce and Gabbana peacoat might not play with the Yo Gabba Gabba set, adults will be drawn to the richness of its bright-red, 100-percent deer leather and quilted satin lining. It’s got a wool-blend that’ll insulate as winds pick up; the plush paneling will testify, quietly, to your good taste. How discriminating, how adult.

Rover Classic

And you may know the Maserati Biturbo as an Engine Failure Waiting to Happen, but have you seen its upholstery? The butter-soft, caramel-colored Italian leather that plasters the inside is certifiably gorgeous, as is the light wood trim and lacquered shift knob. Plus, the Italian-BMW body, though beside the point, looks dashing in grey over factory black wheels. For $7,100, why not put some money behind the half-truths we tell our children?

Rover Classic