Hodinkee Store Relaunch Has the Gearhead Gear You Want

A fresh selection of automotive swag, hidden inside a watch website.

byWill Sabel Courtney| UPDATED Jun 18, 2019 6:35 AM
Hodinkee Store Relaunch Has the Gearhead Gear You Want

Horology haven Hodinkee, long known for its in-depth coverage of timepieces and the greater watch enthusiast ecosystem, has just given its online store a tip-to-tail relaunch. And nestled deep within its digital bowels, hidden between the Omega Speedmasters and the Master & Dynamic over-ear headphones, lies a secret gear paradise for auto enthusiasts on the hunt for uncommon goods. Hodinkee calls it "Rare Finds."


Take, for example, this limited edition print of Paul Newman, snapped by photographer Al Satterwhite at Sebring in 1978. The essence of cool radiates off Fast Eddy like Hawking radiation from a black hole. Clad in his race suit and casually flashing his Rolex Daytona, he's every bit the idealized American man we hold him up as. Only 25 examples of this print, each numbered and signed, are up for grabs. Sizes are 11x14-inch ($2,500) and 16x20-inch ($4,400). Either would look great in your breakfast nook.


Or take these Persol 649 sunglasses ($2,250). Unsold new-old stock from Persol's days of hand-building sunglasses in Italy, they're extremely similar to the Persol 714s that Steve McQueen rocked in The Thomas Crown Affair. They even come with their original Eighties-era tags and case. They work just as well as a modern-day pair of shades; the sun was every bit as bright back then as it is today.

As you can tell, the Rare Finds selection sure ain't cheap. But it is well-curated, authentic, and, well, downright cool. Consider making it another stop on your semi-regular canvass of the Internet's selection of auto-themed gear.