59 Illustrated National Parks is Road Trip Inspiration

With four wheels and engine, you’re never far from somewhere wonderful.

byMax Prince|
<em>59 Illustrated National Parks</em> is Road Trip Inspiration

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The U.S. National Parks Service turns 100 this year. A full century of conservation, keeping this country’s greatest assets guarded from all humanity’s worst instincts. Our plowing and paving and sprawling, building out instead of up, blowing holes in earth and filling them with steel and concrete. Some people say cars are inherently at odds with nature. Those people are wrong.

A vehicle is just that—an instrument. It’s best used for widening your aperture, for seeing more, for understanding those things wiser and grander than your living room. National Parks are a fine place to go looking for answers. Joe and Nathan Anderson have brought them to life with their new book, 59 Illustrated National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Wilderness and Wonder. The twist? Instead of magazine-style nature photos, the Andersons have curated poster art, oil paintings, maps, travel guides and a history of the National Park Service into a sleek 160-page paperback.

Buy a copy for $30 and leave it on your coffee table as reminder. The living room isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That pile of metal in the driveway can take you anywhere.