Design: Sweden’s Icehotel

  A luxury hotel that’s north of the Arctic Circle.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Dec 9, 2016 4:28 PM

Today in design, we take a look at Sweden’s Icehotel. Founded in 1989 along the Thorne River, the Icehotel sits 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

Although the substantial hotel has been housing guests for nearly 18 years, it is deconstructed and rebuilt every season. Taking advantage of the powerful Thorne River, artists and architects harvest the massive blocks of ice to make the hotel.

In addition, architects create “snice” a slushy mixture of snow and ice that they spray into bolds to build the ideal Icehotel. Once the Snice hardens, the molds are removed and the Icehotel comes to life. When all is said and done, the entire construction process is six weeks.

The final product is a beautiful series of luxury suites with their own saunas and bathrooms as well as a swanky bar. Book your tickets now.