Design: NYC’s Lowline Is The Next Modern Marvel

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED May 6, 2016 4:44 PM

Today in design we take a look at the Lowline Project in New York City’s Lower East Side. Conceptualized in 2009 by James Ramsey and Dan Barasch, the Lowline Project wanted to bring an art exhibit and park to the abandoned Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal. Although the terminal has been left dormant for over 50 years, the once bustling station has plenty of gorgeous architecture to charm visitors.  Utilizing never before used remote skylights, the Lowline Project plans to condense solar light from above ground and funnel it to the plants and people below. Since this technology was invented for this very unique park, the Lowline Project has constructed a lab to showcase the impressive alternative to natural photosynthesis. Over the last 7 years, the project has gained a lot of traction among the public and elected officials and it remains scheduled for completion in 2020. Once done, the Lowline will be full of trees, plants, art exhibits and tons of other fun activities for the public to enjoy. If successful, the Lowline will change the way we utilize urban spaces.