Design: Mt. Tung-Yen’s Nature-Focused Restroom

These facilities are far from your average port-a-john


When you are outside enjoying the beautiful wilderness, the last thing you want to think of is…restrooms. However, nature will eventually call, regardless of your activity. Fortunately for the visitors of the Donyanshan Forest Recreation Area can retreat to one of the more impressive and environmentally conscious public restrooms we have seen. Located in the Fu-Hsing town in Taiwan, the Mount Tung-Yen public restrooms beautifully blend nature with man through its unique design. Elevated above the natural slope of the mountain, the restrooms predominantly use recyclable steel and glass to lessen the impact the structure has on the area. Although the facility does have electricity, a lot of the common spaces are illuminated by the frosted glass facades that surround the borders of the building. In order to reduce production time and cost, a vast majority of the structure was constructed on site as it would be difficult to haul everything deep into the recreation area. Although the facility doesn’t come with a guy handing out mints like you see at a fancy steakhouse, we are definitely impressed with the final product.