Drive Wire: The Farm That Fits in a Semi Trailer

Grow plants without putting down roots.

byThe Drive StaffDec 18, 2015 7:59 PM
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Farming can be difficult within the confines of a concrete jungle, and sourcing fresh grown produce can be almost as tough—not to mention expensive. But a Boston-based startup called Freight Farms has devised an easy and space-friendly solution. Using repurposed shipping containers, Freight Farms builds high-tech, high-efficiency hydroponic farms that start at $76,000. With a sea of sensors throughout the container, the “farmer” is able to monitor soil temperatures, air flow, light and everything else the crops need to get the best yield. Thanks to the vertical nature of the hydroponic system, the plants require 90% less water and one shipping container is capable of producing the same amount of food as a one acre farm. Although we love the scenic views of rolling farms along the countryside, we are very impressed with the creativity and efficiency of Freight Farms.