What Do You Eat On The Road?

I’m a cheapskate and a health nut who drives over 30,000 miles a year. This is what I take with me.

bySteven Lang| PUBLISHED Apr 5, 2017 12:35 PM
What Do You Eat On The Road?

I always like to have my ABCs before I leave for a long drive. 

Apples. Bananas, Carrots.

Steven Lang

The bananas my wife gets on clearance for 39 cents a pound at a local supermarket (Kroger) and sometimes I grab a few too on the way home. The carrots? Just 70 cents a pound and I usually eat two to four of them in the morning. They're organic because nobody on planet Earth should ever experience that nasty bitter chemicalized taste of a non-organic carrot. 

The only thing I can't seem to ever get on the cheap these days are organic apples. Those are usually around $5 for a 3 pound bag and they individually cost about 70 cents each. That's still a far better deal than that liquid bowel movement that is a Starbucks coffee. 

As for a drink, I'm boring in a pure 1970s way. I just drink ice water in a stainless steel tumbler that I got for free at an auto auction that offers $3 for an oversized iced tea at the cafeteria. But why pay that much for a drink when I can easily fill 'er up at the water fountain that's located right next door? 

Steven Lang

Throw in some brown rice, beans, salsa, and a touch of McIlhenny tabasco, and you pretty much have about 90% of my breakfasts and lunches over the past 20 years with an assortment of nuts and clementines thrown into the mix.

I credit this diet along with a lot of walking as the main reasons why my body still has a vague resemblance to my college days. Do I sound sanctimonious? Well fuck it. I am. 

So what about you? What do you eat on the road?