Takeru-san’s Lancer Evo VII Touge Monster Is Simply Divine

No effort was spared to make this Lancer Evo VII a premium beast.

byDanny Choy| UPDATED Mar 31, 2017 4:57 PM
Takeru-san’s Lancer Evo VII Touge Monster Is Simply Divine

They say some of the best dishes are made with no more than five ingredients. If you think about it, this philosophy can apply to many different mediums, even tuner cars. And if you're craving for something divine, then you better make sure your components are exquisite. Enter Takeru-san and his Mitsubishi Evo VII.

From the past ten years of ownership, Takeru Shinno left no stones unturned to make his Lancer Evolution VII CT9A a prime beast. Underneath the hood is a 4G36T with a Tomei turbocharger, Tomei fan controller, Tomei fuel pump and Tomei injectors. The ECU is an HKS Vpro system.

The exterior is full Voltex Circuit Version wide body, complete with Voltex canards and a Voltex V-Mount Type 5 GT Wing. For suspension and wheels, Takeru opted for an Ohlins PCV setup and a set of 18-inch Volks TE37-Vs.

Save for the engine's HKS ECU, Takeru made sure to only select components from one brand for each parameter of his Evo. You noticed the trend – Takeru's engine is full Tomei, aero is full Voltex, and no expenses were shared to get the best wheels and suspension in the business.

It's an absolutely perfect execution of an Evo VII. Check out Tokyo Tuner's profile of Takeru and his Evo below: