Drive Wire: Ford Letting You Get In on the Driving Action

byNov 5, 2015 6:04 PM
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Ladies and gentlemen, it is your turn to get in on the drag-racing action. Ford says it is perfectly willing to sell you an 8-second Mustang right off the lot. Well… more like out of the pages of the Ford performance catalog. The Cobra Jet Mustang is the first version of Ford’s purpose-built drag racer to use the new platform, and the company says it’s capable of 8-second quarter miles. The Cobra Jet is, to oversimplify things, a Mustang GT with a chunk of its engine replaced by higher-performance parts and a huge supercharger bolted on. And purists can rejoice—it’s the only Mustang you can buy with a solid rear axle. Ford will make just fifty of them, in blue and white only.