Here’s How To Fly Your Drone Faster, Sooner

Velocidrone Is the best quadcopter racings simulator. Watch us take you through it.

byAndrew Siceloff| UPDATED Mar 7, 2017 4:50 PM

Flight simulators have been around for ages, but it wasn't until recently that quadcopter racing simulators started to hit the market. The biggest player in the game is Liftoff, and although it probably has the biggest online user base, and you can find a multiplayer race at basically any hour of the day, we believe that the physics aren't just right—a little floaty, and drifty. 

In pursuit of something that felt right, we stumbled on to Velocidrone. Since it uses betaflight for its PID (drone tuning numbers) management, it feels the closest to real life that we have found. Its lack of user base is our biggest gripe with Velocidrone, and compared to Liftoff, there are only a couple of races happening nightly. Moving passed that,though, we highlight all the different ways that make Velocidrone the best simulator on the market in the above video. Enjoy. 

Velocidrone is available for £15.99 ($19.96)