Here’s a Quick Video Roundup of CES 2017 Vehicle Tech

This year’s show played host to plenty of new automotive innovations.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jan 12, 2017 9:17 PM
Here’s a Quick Video Roundup of CES 2017 Vehicle Tech

Progressively, the Consumer Electronics Show gains more automotive exhibitors than the year before. Automakers use it as a platform to unveil new technology that makes a difference in how users connect with their products, and vice versa. 2017 is a year of forward thinking, giving some insight to the future of autonomous vehicles and mobility.

Several manufacturers utilized CES to showcase their cars of tomorrow. Toyota introduced the Concept-i, a vehicle that goes beyond normal autonomy. The car’s artificial intelligence, named Yui, can respond to different gestures and analyze your habits to give you the best driving experience. The AI is interactive, allowing passengers to be involved as well. Honda continued on with this theme in their NeuV Concept. This model helped us envision a world where autonomy has become the norm by finding new ways to take advantage of the capability. The NeuV displays the ability to drive itself to ride-hailing customers via companies like Uber and Waymo, making you money while you aren’t using the car. These are the types of innovations you can expect to see from manufacturers in the coming years.

This video gives a brief summary on the releases from the show. With a heavy emphasis on driverless technology, the CES show floor gained a huge amount of automotive displays, as you can see here. Future cars wouldn’t be anything without technology, so this is a good example of how they plan to utilize these inventions to make their products better and your life easier.