Tesla Autopilot Works Like it Should, Predicts a Crash Two Cars Ahead Works

Your car is smart so you don't have to be. 

Autopilot has been somewhat contradictive to itself in terms of accuracy. At first, it was viewed in a negative light by the public due to a fatal crash that happened under the Tesla's watch. This incident raised a lot of eyebrows, causing concern for those who were already skeptical of the technology. Several other accidents occurred, making it seem all that more troublesome. But now, things are starting to turn in the right direction for the company's self-driving equipment.

This video shows the car doing exactly what it's supposed to. With autonomy and V2V communication being the future of safety, many people are still awaiting proof that they can be viable for reliable precautionary features. Tesla currently has the largest network of both semi-autonomous cars and "talking" vehicles, so they've automatically become the public test subject for such technology. 

By communicating with other cars on the road, this will soon be a more common sight on our everyday roads. The DOT even made a proposal for all new cars to be equipped with such technology by 2023. Whether it be in the next five, ten, or fifteen years, the same Inspector Gadget-esque software will pop up everywhere and, as this shows, that's great news.