Drive Wire for Monday December 12th, 2016: The Shelby FP350S is A Turnkey Track Car For The Ages

A 5.2-liter Voodoo V8 track car? Yes please.

byThe Drive Staff|

Today on Drive Wire we direct our attention to track-ready muscle cars.

Although plenty of owners spend months, even year, preparing their car to compete on the track, Shelby has decided to take out the leg-work and built the Shelby FP350S.

This track-only mustang is powered by the 5.2 liter V8 normally found in the Shelby GT350 but that is far from the only track-focused component of the car.

The FP350S uses a TREMEC 3160 manual transmission, a Torsen rear differential, Sachs coilovers and dampers and much more in order to keep it ahead of the pack when competing in SCCA club racing.

But that isn’t the only track-focused area of the vehicle, the interior comes equipped with a roll cage, Sparco seats and a quick release steering wheel.

Unfortunately, pricing has yet to be announced but expect ordering to take place at your local Ford dealership in the near future.