RAM Trucks Highlights Hard-Working Americans This Thanksgiving

The national spot will air during this Thanksgiving’s football games.

byEvan Yates| PUBLISHED Nov 23, 2016 4:30 PM
RAM Trucks Highlights Hard-Working Americans This Thanksgiving

Instead of images of their trucks splashing through puddles of mud, heavy items being unrealistically dumped into their sturdy beds or witty spokesmen pointing out key performance statistics, the RAM brand opted to give props to America’s working class this year with their turkey day TV spot. The 90-second visual features school teachers, factory workers and other blue-collar Americans going through their daily grind. For those of us who sit at desks, typing away all day, it’s a reminder that there are millions of Americans who get their hands dirty without much to show for it. 

This particular commercial is uniquely impressive because it hardly even highlights the actual truck. In fact, there are only a few occurrences where a RAM is featured and even then, it’s merely a part of the background. Whether you appreciate this sort of advertisement or not, it’s hard not to connect with the fact that this candid glimpse into what many Americans call work is considerably more genuine than most commercials we see today.

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