Drive Wire for September 8th, 2016: Tesla Takes an Airstream Across America

The caravan will act as mobile advertisement and portable Tesla showroom.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Sep 8, 2016 4:38 PM

Despite an avowed dedication to the future of travel, Tesla Motors isn’t above a little old-school roadtripping. The company announced that it will be using a Tesla Model X to tow an Airstream trailer cross-country as a “mobile design studio.” While making stops across the US, the Tesla trailer will encourage potential buyers to sample the various trims and design options on Tesla cars, as well as demonstrating the style and durability of the company’s newest model, the Model X.

The project isn’t as whimsical as it first seems. In fact, Tesla Explores is a kind of guerilla marketing. For consumers that live in states like Texas, Michigan or Maine where Tesla is banned from selling with its direct-to-consumer model, the mobile design showroom will offer a chance at a Tesla dealer experience without breaking state law. Right now, the stops are mostly coastal, but Tesla is taking suggestions. Head to the minisite, and you could lure the futuristic caravan to your home state.