Weekly Wire for August 5: Chris Amon, Tesla’s “in Beta,” and the New Aston Martin DB11

A monumental racing talent passes away, a new grand tourer from Gaydon, and a semantic gamble from Tesla.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Aug 5, 2016 8:02 PM

This week, Mike Spinelli, Mike Guy, and Josh Condon remember beloved F1 driver and Le Mans champion Chris Amon, considered one of the finest, if unluckiest, F1 racer in recent memory, who passed away this week at 73 years old. They also debate Tesla's controversial use of the phrase "in beta" as it pertains to the company's Autopilot autonomous driving system, and whether it's a risky semantic dodge or an unusually forthright admission that, in the uncharted waters of autonomous driving, real-world testing is the only real way to progress. Finally, a discussion on the all-new Aston Martin DB11—the first car in Aston's "21st Century Plan" (aka "Shit or Bust")—which Spinelli just drove in Italy.