Let Fast 8′s Car Boss Walk You Through the Film’s Garage

And we thought we had access to some cool rides.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Jul 7, 2016 7:36 PM
Let Fast 8′s Car Boss Walk You Through the Film’s Garage

Dennis McCarthy is the man with the automotive plan when it comes to Fast 8, the upcoming installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. And he's not afraid to share what he knows, either. In a live video posted onthe franchise's Facebook page, McCarthy serves up a walkthrough of the vehicles the crew has been pushing to their limits for the next installment of the world's favorite car-centric movie series.

In the video, McCarthy, whose official title is "vehicle coordinator," gives us the best walkthrough we have seen yet of the cars that have been enlisted to show off in Fast 8—and that includes The Rock's walk-around from the Fast 8 set a couple weeks ago. As we saw earlier, there are supercars, old muscle cars, tanks, off-roaders, and pretty much anything else you could dream up with four wheels and an engine. McCarthy, who calls it "automotive Valhalla," explains that the approximate collective value of the vehicles comes in at around $17 million.

Not all of those cars are likely to score a Vin Diesel or a Tyrese in the driver's seat. While some of the cars shown will actually be driven in the movie, many of them appear destined to serve as stationary props, placed in the background for a single scene in a garage. We don't care. It's one damn good collection.

Some of our favorites include a 1929 Ford Ratrod that hides a 1000-horsepower, twin-turbocharged LS motor, a Nissan IDx which McCarthy claims was flown in directly from Japan and valued at over $2 million, a KTM X-Bow, a Mercedes-AMG GT S for Ludacris' character Tej, a McDonnell Douglas MD 600N helicopter equipped with a minigun, and a Bentley Continental GT with suspension modifications to make better able to handle all the, uh, low-slung obstacles it might meet while filming the movie.

And if that's not enough for you, check another look at Fast 8's automotive valhalla in the following MTV Cribs-esque JDM Society video:

After seeing the movie's ice cars and a bunch of other bits and pieces from the film, we at The Drive can't help but wonder if there will be any reason to make it to theatres next April and drop the money to see it on the big screen...oh, who are we kidding. Of course we'll be there.