Adorable Stranded Sloth Rescued From Ecuadorian Highway

These will be cutest pictures you see all day.

bySean Evans| PUBLISHED Jan 25, 2016 5:29 PM
Adorable Stranded Sloth Rescued From Ecuadorian Highway

An eagle-eyed Ecuadorian transit cop spotted a little lump of fur around a median rail post and decided to investigate. Imagine the officer’s surprise when he looked closer and this munchkin peered back at him. The lost and clearly frightened—that puddle around him isn’t water—sloth crossing a multi-lane highway in Quevedo, Ecuador, was not on the lam from a zoo or slaughterhouse (unlike some bovine neighbors we know). Rather, he was the wild, genuine article. Apparently the jungle dweller made it halfway across the newly completed highway, got spooked and decided the safest course of action would be inaction. Cuddling up to the pole, he clung on for dear life until the kind cop stopped.

Before the rescue mission got underway, the police took a few pictures of the little bugger, because he’s absurdly photogenic, even when freaked out. They were able to get the oso perezoso (Spanish for “cute goober.” Also, quite literally, “lazy bear”) free from the pole and off to a veterinarian for a quick checkup. After passing with flying colors, he was returned to his habitat, where he presumably hugged his friends and family and continued to look goddamn adorable.  

The Transit Commission uploaded snaps to its Facebook account on Jan. 22, where the pictures were shared more than 12,500 times. The page was flooded with warm wishes from all over the globe from folks moved by the agency’s compassion. In response, officials wrote, “We will continue to support this kind of case along with the collaboration of the citizenry.” And lastly, “Greetings to all.”