The Infamous ‘Trolls Royce’ Is Being Sold

Whether you think Corbin Goodwin is a genius or a moron, it is easy to understand why his creations get so much attention from the car world.

byJames Gilboy| PUBLISHED Jan 3, 2018 3:31 PM
The Infamous ‘Trolls Royce’ Is Being Sold

Fewer than four months have passed since Corbin Goodwin, the builder of the "Zero F**ks Given" Mazda RX-7 and "Jettamino" showed off his newest project, a bastardized and turbocharged 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II christened the "Trolls Royce." A rolling parody of British nationalism, with its colonial territory flags, "God Save The E.U." external intercooler, and coolant pipes routed over the roof, we suspect this to be the single best car in the world with which to get yourself attacked in Argentina. It seems Mr. Goodwin has tired of the Trolls Royce, though, because the car came up for sale Wednesday morning on automotive auction site Bring A Trailer, following in the footsteps of the car that made Corbin famous.

Further information on the car's construction has come forth as a part of the sale. It is stated that over $20,000 was spent to transform the car into its current form, much of which was spent on one-off parts like its AASCO flywheel and Deeds Performance exhaust. While the 20-gallon fuel cell, Bullseye Power turbo, Holley carburetor, Wilwood master cylinder, Sparco seats, and King off-road suspension came off the shelf, that shelf was still quite close to the top. Other items, such as the 19-inch Porsche Panamera wheels and Toyota Supra radiator, are of a more junkyard vintage.

Some take offense to Corbin's Rolls, as was the intent since his Mazda first appeared on the internet back in 2013. "Got it man, you’re irreverent, badass, rebellious, and ironic," says one Bring A Trailer commenter, "and you don’t care who knows it."

Regardless of what this car represents to you—edgy youth seeking to offend, or critique of British hubris—its appeal to some cannot be denied, as the reserve-free auction has already soared past $3,700, and may yet climb further before bidding closes in six days.