Mercedes Arocs Is a Custom Monster Truck for Construction Sites

The Arocs can be configured as 4×2, an 8×8, and everything in between

byDave Bartosiak| UPDATED Nov 13, 2017 4:45 PM
Mercedes Arocs Is a Custom Monster Truck for Construction Sites

When I think Mercedes it’s the luxurious S-Class or high-performance AMG GT that I think of. Heavy-duty tractors aren’t exactly what comes to mind. For the monster-truck sized construction crowd out there, Mercedes has the Arocs 2017.

The Arocs is a highly specialized all-around heavy-duty construction vehicle which can be outfitted as a 4x2, an 8x8, and everything in between. The truck is offered up with four different engines with eighteen different power output ratings and three different transmissions with eight, 12, and 16 gears. You can have it arranged in a broad range of cabs in order to adapt to different tasks.

Four years after its world premiere, the Arocs also comes in ready-for-use specialist trims as well to make selection easier. There’s the Arocs Loader, configured for low curb weight and high payload as a two-axle unit or a concrete mixer chassis. The Arocs Grounder has a highly robust frame, multi-leaf parabolic springs, tuned shock absorbers, planetary hub reduction axles and durable rims wrapped in tires with high load-bearing capacity.

If you’re looking for a low-profile model, the Arocs can be scaled down with the ClassicSpace LowRoof in the M and L variant. This makes it about four inches lower to give it clearance at construction sites. A variety of new steering options are available too, especially useful on the four axel models. Electrically supported Servotwin steering is available to help shorten the turning radius on eight-wheel behemoths.

Arocs in 8x8 Configuration, Daimler AG

There are also some advanced driver assist modules like the turbo retarded cluck, proximity control assist and active brake assist on all the Arocs 6x4 chassis with air suspension and front underride protection.

There’s even a real-time monitoring system which continuously checks the vehicle’s sensors, monitoring the vehicle's wear parts and fluids. This information is relayed via Fleetboard to Mercedes-Benz service where the data is analyzed in real-time and forwarded to the service organization with specific recommended fixes.

I know dump trucks were cool for a little bit in Hollywood but I think the 4X4-squared is probably the biggest Mercedes you’ll ever see on the streets.