These Cars Are the 10 Best-Selling Four-Doors of 2017

Crossovers are popular, but we’re not giving up on sedans just yet.

byBasir Khan| UPDATED Nov 13, 2017 1:23 PM
These Cars Are the 10 Best-Selling Four-Doors of 2017

Crossovers. More and more Americans are driving them. As gas prices creep down to a national average of just over $2.50, consumers are turning away from fuel-efficient econoboxes. Rather than thrusting toward gas guzzling, full-size SUVs, they are settling for something in between. Crossovers boast ample storage with the fuel economy of a mid-size vehicle. As it turns out, however, not everyone needs the extra room.

Motley Fool compiled a list of the top ten sedans sold in 2017. With the exception of the Chevy Cruze, Nissan Sentra and Honda Civic, sales have declined. A likely contributing factor is that some of these models are more than halfway through their life cycle having already been refreshed. On the other hand, the newly redesigned Accord and Camry have only been available for a few months. While sales are down for most of these sedans, they continue to be big sellers.

There is a reason why sedans will never be done away with. They are simply easier to maneuver, park and are practical for most drivers not to mention more affordable than a crossover or SUV. Remember though that popularity does not come with reliability. Consumer Reports suggests avoiding a few cars altogether but these models are the reason the sedan is here to stay.