The Developer of Project Cars 2 May Be Making a Fast & Furious Game

For that $59.99 or less ... you'll be free.

YouTube user SpotTheOzzie live streamed a pre-release copy of Project Cars 2, an upcoming racing game by Slightly Mad Studios, when the studio’s CEO, Ian Bell, made a cameo appearance for a quick Q&A session on Tuesday. 

During the session, Bell alluded to a game under development, about which he couldn’t reveal too much, but he dropped some obvious clues that pointed towards everyone’s favorite cheesy street racing franchise. 

“Guess what the latest Need for Speed game is doing, and have a think about which Hollywood film they’re copying,” teased Bell. “And then I can tell you that we have a six-year deal with that major Hollywood company to make games that will beat what Need for Speed is currently doing, for the next six years.”

Bell said it was too early to officially announce the IP his studio was working with, but he left breadcrumbs that evoke a familiar image with a parting comment. 

“I’ve you’ve ever seen me,” said Bell, “I’m a bald guy, who works out a bit. So, that’s a clue.”

The Fast and the Furious has seen past game adaptions, but few have lived up to the legacy left by the films. The 2006 Fast and the Furious was received with subpar ratings, and 2013’s Fast & Furious: Showdown suffered even more, with an IGN reviewer claiming that the game “seemed to actively try to persuade me to stop playing before I reached the finish line.”

Only 2015’s branded expansion for Forza Horizon 2 succeeded in attracting gamers, and even then, it piggybacked off an established racing franchise, and was still lacking in content.

Can Slightly Mad Studios turn the “Fast & Furious” name around in the gaming world? The reviews of Project Cars 2 look largely positive so far, so with a competent studio behind one of the biggest film franchises in the world, the next Fast & Furious game may be worth your $59.99.