Iconic Brands Duracell & Maclean’s Are Live-Streaming a Cross-Canada Drone Flight

The companies have come together to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary by taking a cross-country trip.

byMarco Margaritoff| PUBLISHED Aug 22, 2017 5:13 PM
Iconic Brands Duracell & Maclean’s Are Live-Streaming a Cross-Canada Drone Flight

Batery-maker Duracell and news publication Maclean’s—two of Canada’s most famous brands—have come together to celebrate their homeland’s 150th anniversary by capturing 6,835 miles (11,000km) of the countryside via drone. 

The Explorer150 program was conceived to promote the hardworking, patriotic citizens that make up the nation. Not only have we been able to see drone footage of the country’s diverse topography, but have also been introduced to some of the everyday Canadians who share their stories as the Explorer150 drone nears their towns.

The truck hosting the drone is traveling from Beavercreek and Yukon in the western part of the country to the eastern-most area of Newfoundland, the town of St. Johns. The Explorer150 drone hovers around 90 feet above the ground, recording the landscape and the people that dwell amongst it.

According to Duracell, this venture, led by a team of 50 people, could possibly record terrain that has never been aerially photographed before. All of this is available to witness from the comforts of your phone or computer screen by heading to Duracell’s online portal

Have a look at this montage of drone footage from Day 14.

According to Duracell's map, outlining the intended route of this adventure, we've reached the halfway point. Take a look:

The beige circle marks the Explorer150's most recent location., Duracell 

The drone in question is a Yuneec Typhoon H480, specifically designed for this mission. It’s been equipped with a second camera system - powered, of course, by Duracell. According to them, this is a unique system that allows the drone to reach places conventional drones can't. 

Of course, this partnership made absolutely sure to conceive of a secure and approved path. According to UAVexpertNews, the two companies worked with Transport Canada to agree on a route in accordance with all national regulations and restrictions. Let’s have a look at the making of the Exporer150 drone (courtesy of Duracell) to get a close-up look at the UAV bringing us all this glorious footage, shall we?

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