Drive Wire: December 18, 2015

An old school Cobra, a Huracán at Imola, a new F-150, a rugged tablet, and BMW epicness.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Dec 18, 2015 5:55 PM
Drive Wire: December 18, 2015

Hey guys, it’s Christina Thompson and this is Drive Wire for Friday, December 18th.

An original Shelby Competition Cobra is going up for auction at RM Sotheby’s in Scottsdale, Arizona. The black 1965 Competition Cobra has a racing pedigree, winning the ’68 A-Production Class and ’71 Canadian Endurance Championships, and is expected to go for between two and a half and $3.3 million. Not gonna lie, Santa, we don’t think we’ve been nice enough to deserve this, but while you’re in the giving spirit, we’d make it up to you over the next decade.

Your dreams may go up in smoke, but in a good way with the new rear-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracán. We have video of this lightweight beast going around the track at Imola, and the 60 percent rear weight bias of this 572-horsepower machine is pretty evident. It may be the low-power version of Lambo’s entry-level model but we’ll take this nimbler version over the all-wheel drive standard supercar any day. I mean, we’d take either, but if these visuals are any indication, this is the dream we’ll be dreaming.

We have spy shots of a Ford F-150 pickup truck which include a strange and wonderful detail. See that exhaust tip? That, plus the growl reported by the shooter, suggest that this pickup is packing turbodiesel power, most likely from a three-liter land rover turbodiesel V6. This would give the pickup good numbers at the pump plus around four hundred forty foot-pounds of grunty torque. Although Ford has refused to comment on the possible turbodiesel, we know what we want in our heart of hearts – nice as the Ecoboost F-150 may be, this would be a fun diesel indeed.

Today’s gear gives us a tablet to match the rugged lifestyle of even the toughest outdoorsmen. Dell’s Latitude 12 rugged tablet is designed to survive impact, extreme temperatures, dirt and dust, plus it packs 512 GB of storage and optional hot-swappable batteries for use in the field. Check it out at

Today’s ridiculous video features a thrill seeking BMX rider doing his thing in the unfriendly confines of a Russian steel mill. We assume Russian steel mills are dangerous in their own right, but this takes possible workplace hazards to a whole new level.

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