Man Steals Car, Asks Police for Directions to Nearby Town

Courage and stupidity are sometimes the same thing.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Aug 17, 2017 5:15 PM
Man Steals Car, Asks Police for Directions to Nearby Town

A California man stopped early on Wednesday morning to ask a police officer for directions to Sonora, a fifteen minute drive from where he was in Tuolumne County. After sending the driver on his way, the officer ran the tags on the white Honda Accord and, much to his surprise, found out that the car had been stolen from a nearby town. 

Prior to turning his lights on, officer Vince Lee called for backup and continued to pursue 28 year old Ryan Ashlock through traffic, following him in a high-speed chase that would eventually immobilize his police interceptor, according to the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Facebook page. Ashlock continued to flee from multiple officers, eventually leading the chase through Sonora.

After wrecking into Officer Lee's car, the thief ultimately crashed and continued the pursuit on foot -- only briefly, though, as he was "quickly captured" by the local PD. Ashlock was then brought into custody under counts of "vehicle evasion, possession of a stolen car, and assault with a deadly weapon against a law enforcement officer" all of which are enough to keep him locked up for enough time to get acquainted with the staff.

You probably don't need to hear the rest of the story given the dummy's eventual fate; one that will involve hazing, shame, and finally, internet fame.

Ashlock has since been put into The Drive's drawing for "Dumbest Criminal of the Year Award", a contest that has way more entrants than we ever hoped for.