Motorist Narrowly Dodges Impalement by Steel Beam

Beam skewers bimmer.

byBrendan McAleer| PUBLISHED Dec 15, 2015 7:35 PM
Motorist Narrowly Dodges Impalement by Steel Beam

You could say the other driver flicked on his I-beams. If you were hit by this thing, you wouldn't be... beaming.

Ok. Enough.

It's the nightmare scenario we've all felt when following a heavily laden truck: are we sure that load is absolutely secure? Most truckers adhere to the professional standards required to keep their commercial licenses, but every so often the fatigue of long-haul driving or plain carelessness leaves the door open for potential tragedy.

In this case, a San Jose man escaped fatal impalement when a huge steel beam came loose while traveling on the freeway. The massive piece of metal] speared right through the roof of his black BMW X5. Don Lee, 66, was lucky to walk away with merely a scratch on his right arm. Presumably, he went right out and bought a lottery ticket.

The driver of the Ford flatbed that lost its dangerous load may face charges if negligence is found to be a cause. Let this near-miss be your reminder to give cargo-carriers a wide berth, and keep your eyes up, and don't follow too closely.