A Mini Worthy of Pulling Off The Italian Job

See how this owner took his modified MINI John Cooper Works a step further.

byBasir Khan| UPDATED Jun 8, 2017 7:52 AM
A Mini Worthy of Pulling Off The Italian Job

The modern MINI has been on the streets for 17 years now and has spawned a number of variants. One variant that is common with each of the three generations is the John Cooper Works (JCW). This the top-of-the-line, no holds barred MINI packs a peppy forced induced engine, throatier exhaust, upgraded brakes from Brembo and few extra options straight from the factory.

JCW made its big screen debut in 2003 in F. Gary Gray's remake of The Italian Job. The MINI JCW played a pivotal role in the movie by helping Charlie and his team evade the baddies. No other car would be quick and small enough to jump in front of that train. By they way, Gray went on to direct another car-centric film you might have seen—this year's blockbuster, The Fate of the Furious.

In addition to its factory add-ons, this second generation JCW has been modded with several additional aftermarket installations including a Invidia cat back exhaust, Recaro bucket seats and Öhlins coilovers. The owner has dialed this car back, removing several more extreme modifications in an effort to simplify the driving experience. Matt Farah found the car to be quite enjoyable and it even made him reminisce of his first generation JCW: