Who The Hell Would Spend $11,500 On A 25 Year Old Pontiac Grand Prix With An Automatic Transmission?



RARE CAR! 1992 Grand Prix Richard Petty Edition - $11500 (Lincoln, NE)


Apparently someone in Lincoln, Nebraska has an awful lot of free time. 

This ad for a 25 year old Pontiac Grand Prix with the Richard Petty package is in Atlanta's Craigslist along with a dozen other places that are as far from Nebraska as Melania Trump is from Washington D.C. 

Just as a refresher for those who weren't quite there back in the day, the Pontiac Grand Prix was the rolling embodiment of everything that was wrong with GM back in the 1990s. 

Some guy on Craigslist

Uglier than a pair of MC Hammer pants.


Built with excitement, and 2000 pounds of GM parts bin surplus materials! The 3.4 Liter engine in this car was exclusive enough to be featured in four mid-level Chevrolets, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, and this Pontiac. However, once you remove the body cladding and the dealer emblem off the trunk, you end up with a ride that is vintage 1992 in a few interesting ways.


Ten thousand flow charts were inspired by this steering wheel hub. The parts come directly from rubber dog chew toys. If you look real hard on the right hand side, you may even find a smattering of little buttons that were left behind when GM decided to give the Riviera a digital screen back in 1986. Roger Smith would have been incredibly proud of this recycling, speaking of which...

Steven Lang

You can never have too many graphics when you're trying to sell a mediocre model that was in its fourth straight year of declining sales. Apparently GM made 1,000 of these models since the demand wasn't there. However the model did find a few buyers. 

Like these guys...


I wonder if that tiger came from GM corporate. Or is it a leopard with too much angora around its paws? Anyway, if there is any interest in buying this, I'm sure you'll find it at your local Craigslist.   

Steven Lang