Watch This Guy Ski Behind a Drifting BMW Rally Car

It’s like ‘Endless Summer,’ but for car guys, and in the winter.

byJosh Condon|
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I've been to Team O'Neil Rally School a few times, and always come away thinking those instructors must have one of the most fun jobs in the industry. Because when they're not teaching people the finer points of rally driving (not a bad gig in and of itself), they make very good use of their down time, taking full advantage of the school's miles of groomed course running through the White Mountains and a fleet of rally cars new and old, all professionally prepped and maintained. Plus, when the weather gets crappy and the road-racing guys have to go home, the rally guys are just getting started; wet, muddy, snowy, low-grip conditions are mother's milk to the fanatics. It would be easy to hate them if they weren't just so damn nice.

All of that is a long way of introducing this new video from Team O'Neil, and explaining why, unlike previous videos they've shared with The Drive instructing viewers on how to shift without the clutch and properly left-foot brake, this one is less instructive and more goofy, joyful fun. Because while it may seem like an orchestrated stunt complete with drone footage and a BMW E30, I can assure you: this was just a random Monday for those lucky bastards. Enjoy.